We started small and grew to something much larger and greater

Founded in 1987 from very humble beginnings, Brenley has grown to become a leader in Miami’s import/export industry.  By focusing on what the customer wants and working hard to deliver- we were able to gain repeat customers and priceless experience.  We pride ourselves in our client’s satisfaction and loyalty throughout these years.  The testimonials speak for themselves- we strive to live up to our reputation and do so.  Today, Brenley Trading has 15 employees and agents around the world.

For over 30 years Brenley Trading has been assisting businesses import and export goods by providing them with the products and shipping resources when they need them. We have developed strong ties to the local community as well as beyond creating a dependable network that streamlines the purchasing and shipment process.  Everyday we are eager to establish new connections.  Our customers range from small contractor’s to large national companies who all benefit from our services allowing them to get on with their own business.

Simply put, Brenley Trading Corp. is a trade company that provides the reliable connections for it’s clients and delivers when needed the most.