Located in Miami, FL, Brenley Trading has a unique advantage to trading in the Americas.  Miami has proven its trade capacity through the expanding global market and expects a constant rise of world trade.  Miami will continue to excel as one of the premier trade corridors in the Western Hemisphere using it’s two greatest assets- Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami.


Miami International Airport- “The Hemispheric Cargo Hub”

Miami International Airport (MIA) represents the America’s prime export portal, handling 84% of all air imports and 81% of all exports from the Latin American / Caribbean region.  MIA serves as the hub for distribution of perishable products, hi-tech commodities, telecommunications equipment, textiles, pharmaceuticals and industrial machinery.  In the U.S., MIA is the top airport for international freight for the Americas and is ranked 10th in international freight among the world’s busiest airports.  Amazingly, MIA has more scheduled non-stop cargo flights to Latin America and the Caribbean than the combination of the airports of Orlando, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa and New York.  Nearly 90 airlines at MIA contribute to the year-round, two-way cargo traffic, linking the Americas with the high growth markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East / Gulf Region and beyond.



The Port of Miami- “Cargo Gateway of the Americas”

PortMiami, also known as the Port of Miami, is among America’s busiest ports and recognized across the globe with the dual distinction of being the Cruise Capital of the World and the Cargo Gateway of the Americas.  PortMiami contributes more than $27 billion annually to the South Florida economy.  The port is currently undergoing a massive upgrade called the “PortMiami 2035 Master Plan”.  With these improvements the port is anticipated to double cargo traffic over the next decade.  At the moment the port is handling over 7 million tons of waterborne containerized cargo annually with a stead growth of 4% per year.



Brenley Trading continues to contribute to the growing success of Miami’s trade market
through its intimate links to the Americas and beyond.