What Brenley Offers:

Brenley offers unique one-on-one export relationships catered to the client’s specific needs.  We have served all industry sectors and  we continue to be diverse for our clientele.  By offering a personalized export service, we pride ourselves in conforming to a client’s industry sector by purchasing the best products at the most competitive prices for a client’s business.




Automobile parts and construction equipment are our strong point.  We bring quality products to your business’s doorstep from anywhere in the world.


Our freight forward services offer shipping of automobiles, boats and heavy equipment to and from all over the world.  We comply with every country’s import compliances.  We also are capable of shipping hazardous materials.


We can keep your purchases in our warehouse.  We also consolidate orders to maximize shipment costs and efficiency.  We guarantee safe handling of packages while in our care.


We offer purchasing of all products.  We have existing customer relations for over 30 years to give us fast and fair quotes.  We also do extensive research for the best prices for all products.  In addition, we do eBay purchases.

Brenley’s E-Commerce Solutions:

Brenley realizes that online purchasing is an advantage to many consumers.  Therefore, Brenley’s services offer a more efficient and hassle-free way of purchasing and receiving products from US web-based companies:

  • Clients can purchase the order and utilize Brenley as a “ship to” destination.
  • Brenley can purchase the products online for the client and as a service, also will ship the products abroad.
  • Foreign customers can now purchase products from web-based companies unwilling to ship overseas, for example, eBay.com and Amazon.com.

What Brenley Provides:

Brenley’s exports and freight forwarding services are offered to many international companies.

  • We adhere to every country’s import compliance.
  • We are TSA compliant.
  • We are capable of shipping hazardous materials.